Founders Circle:

Steve & Jean Case

Joel & Holly Dobberpuhl

Alan & Denise Jackson

Michael W. Smith & Debbie Smith

The Rocketown Star Society is an elite group of donors giving $1,000 or more in a fiscal year. Star Society members may be monthly sustaining donors, or may give a single donation. It is entirely the choice of each Star!

Donations are unrestricted, meaning these funds may be used for any need that arises, such as: Summer Camp Scholarships, supplies and/or food inventory for the Rocketown Healthy Meal Plan & Scholarship Program, the purchase of new technology for programs like Rocketown Productions, or general operations costs.

Benefits of Rocketown Star Society Members:

  • Invitation to a private donor recognition event at the home of Michael W. Smith.
  • Priority seating at annual events.
  • Hand-created cards and letters from Rocketown Kids benefiting from these important and generous gifts.

If you are interested in becoming a Star Society member, please contact Director of Development, Mark Weller, at [email protected].


Rocketown Star Society


Doug and Katie Anderson


George and Lydia Armistead


Doug Berry


Dave and Janet Blackwell


Mark Blaze


Charles and Sacha Bone


Daniel and Paula Bourget


Richard and Judith Bracken


Jason Bradley


Barbara and Kix Brooks


Steve and Michelle Burgess


David and Rebecca Clay


Ernie Clevenger


Linda Corry


Mark and Lisa Cowan


Richard Curtis


Henry and Catherine DePhillips


Marty and Betty Dickens


Ken and Annette Donahey


Steve Egli


Dino and Coni Elefante


Gilbert and April Ezell


Mark and Martha Ezell


John and Carole Ferguson


Chad and Brandi Ferrari


Linda Fortune


Jon Foster


Gary and Robin Glover


Michael and Charlotte Goldston


Warren and Dana Goodwin


Bill and Cathy Gracey


Erin Grant


Dan and Laura Greene


Greg and Pamela Ham


Allison and David Hamrin


Tom and Cordia Harrington


Trent Hemphill


Edward Howell


John and Dawn Huie


Scott and Patricia Hunt


Harrison and Lisa Johnson


Rhonda Kelley


Laura and Kelly Kraft


Wayne and Fran Kirkpatrick


James and Phyllis Lackey


Corey and Meredith Lile


Julie and Todd Maples


Cheryl and Gary McGuire


Jonathan Merkh


Trish and Jim Munro


Stonie Obriant


Thomas and Susan Parker


Khris and Pamela Pascarella


Frank and Barbara Peretti


Kathryn Petellat


Martin and Cammie Rash


Will Ed and Rachel Settle


Carolyn Sheild


Steve and Denise Smith


Ramona Synder


Derek Sparkman


Greg Taylor


Stephen and Dorothy Taylor


Kevin Thompson


Todd and Christine Toriscelli


Michael and Debra Troop


Terry and Deborah Turner


Kelly Turner


George and Margaret Uribe


Jimmy and Rebecca Webb


Rita Williams


Glenn Wilson


Kent and Stacey Wood


Bob and Janie Yeager


Hunter Yeager


Brian Young