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We had an awesome turn out and rad time at our annual GO SKATEBOARDING DAY EVENT! Thank you all for coming out to skate and spend the day with us! Here are the winners for each event....we should have a good amount of photos and video to post soon..... (photos to go with winners are left to right top to bottom)

Highest Hippie Jump 
- Little guys: David Miller (20 inches)
- Big guys: Spencer Taylor (48 inches)

Highest Ollie
- Little guys: Gabriel Crumby (6 inches)
- Big guys: Spencer Taylor (26 inches/24 inches switch)

Longest Powerslide: Damian Schroeder (44 feet)

Highest Vert Wall Carve
- Little guys: Christoper Garcia (3 blocks)
- Big guys: Damian Schroeder (9 blocks)

Games of Skate
- Little Guys: Cooper Johnson
- Big guys: Drew Harris

Best Trick 
- Little guys: Seth Watson (kick flip two block)
- Big guys: 1- Collin Sullivan (bigspin board slide down rail, back shut hubba, big heel two block)
                  2- Cody Bogdal (Smith body varial hubba, full cab and backside flip two block)