Is Sixth Avenue an ice skating rink?

Unfortunately not. As much fun as this would be, we are not an Ice Skating rink. You probably want something more along the lines of the Sportsplex.

Can you only skateboard at sixth ave?

Skateboards, BMX, and Inline are welcome at every session.

Can i get on the sixth ave team?

We are not currently looking to add members to the team, but we are accepting “sponsor me” videos in the shop.

Where is sixth avenue skatepark located? (map to right)


How much does it cost?

$12 for each 2 hour session and $17 for 3-hour sessions. Please review the "How things work" flyer on our main page.

My child wants to bring a friend to the skatepark. can i fill out a waiver for the friend?

NO! You can only fill out a waiver for your own child. The friend must have their parent come into the skatepark and fill out a WAIVER in front of a staff member, or fill out a WAIVER and have it notarized.

What do I need to do to skate at sixth ave?

If you are under 18 years old you must have a WAIVER filled out by a PARENT IN FRONT of a STAFF MEMBER or you can DOWNLOAD A WAIVER and have it NOTARIZED.

If you are 18 or older you can fill out a waiver yourself, but you must have proof of age available when filled out.

A HELMET is mandatory… all other pads recommended.

sixthavenue skatepark • 601 Fourth Avenue South • nashville, tn 37210