Many teens today are grappling with the weight of identity, self-worth, and the pressures of today’s culture. Anxiety, depression, and addiction loom over their lives.

Without knowing the unconditional love of Christ, teens find themselves craving acceptance and understanding amidst the chaos of messages from friends and social media.
Introducing Rocketown, a safe place that addresses these struggles head-on with guidance and mentoring, shielding them from negative influences, fostering community, offering hope, and changing futures.

Our Mission

A place for all young people that offers hope and changes futures through Christ’s love.

Our Vision

To be the place of peace, purpose, and possibilities for youth

Our Approach

At Rocketown, we accomplish our mission through our “ABCD” Model:

Attract Youth: By creating fun, entertaining spaces and events, we draw youth to Rocketown to hang out, have fun, make connections, and have somewhere safe to go.

Build Relationships: Rocketown is more than just a place to hang out – it’s a place to be known, understood, and accepted. Our staff knows every teenager by name and takes time to truly learn their stories, their struggles, their hopes, and their dreams.

Connect With Needs: Whether the need is emotional, like acceptance and belonging, or physical, like making sure kids have a turkey for Thanksgiving or lunch when school is out, the relationships we build allow us to connect to the needs of the students we serve and meet those needs in personal ways.

Develop Hope: We believe true hope comes from experiencing the love of Christ. We create opportunities for teens to hear the Gospel, ask honest questions, respond to God, and grow in their faith and purpose.

Will you be the reason teens find a secure space to experience Christ's love and unearth their true potential? When you support Rocketown, you will create a haven where teens can truly become all they were meant to be.


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